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This is a unique platform to clients as well as to expert. Due to posting project features across whole petroleum industry clients can find a suitable and high-skilled expert in a couple of hours.

Website: https://petrocubic.com
Petroleum industry:1st;AVG time: 4.1 min;Companies:43


PetroCubic gives the possibility to hire experts for project work. It's a well-known bidding project for petroleum and drilling industry. Relying on developed features PetroCubic becomes popular in this field, however it was started as MVP and later totally rebuilt.

Posting project is a small thing in this project. We developed messages systems between different kinds of users (user-to-user, customer-to-user, system, notifications/alerts). Many of those features are in Etsy too. Communication is the core feature on any project.

However, the most challenging part is a payment system and gateways. It supports the popular payments methods such as credit card, PayPal and even invoices. Additionally, we implemented strong security protection to avoid frauds. Detailed software specification requirements and extensive founder's experience in the petroleum industry are the success of Petrocubic.

Merehead team has implemented a few techniques to make a website effective. They are related to sign up, compatibility, and even user engagement. Navigation and easy access to the related project is an integral part of this project. The whole team including QA testing engineer, spent many weeks to provide a flexible, fast-response searching system.

Tools and technologies

PetroCubic is a huge project which initially started from a small idea. To handle users flow we applied proven technologies together with the best hosting provider ever - Amazon Web Services. Due to asynchronous requests, core PHP and API, we developed a system that we are proud of and which deserves respect.

Tablet, smartphone and desktop versions
Main section of Petrocubic
Homepage of Petrocubic on mobile

The main emphasis was on ability to navigate easily.


The key feature is bidding and reviewing proposals. Together with invitation module clients finally have a stable consulting platform in the petroleum industry.

How Petrocubic looks on tablet


Petrocubic - Marketplace Website - Web-development - Merehead Development
Petrocubic - Marketplace Website - Web-development - Merehead Development
Petrocubic - Marketplace Website - Web-development - Merehead Development


Best ideas born either on experience or in needs. PetroCubic founder has been working in this industry over 10 years. He collected all his experience and provides an opportunity that affects entirely on this industry.

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