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Experienced team
The low qualifications of the team is one of the reasons for the failure of the project. Only a team with experience and strong project management can meet deadlines and keep quality. Merehead has released more than 95 successful projects over the past 4 years.
If you want to have a peace of mind that the project will be completed with all the features you wanted I would recommend using this team.
Vitaly Meyer, Co-Founder @ PetroCubic
Regular reports
Strong communication and regular reports. It is very important for us to have a dialogue with a customer, to understand the goals and preferences. Only in this way can we build a successful project and exceed customer expectations.
Excellent work!! They built the platform to our satisfaction and were very creative in taking what was simply a series of wireframes and transforming it into a living and breathing e-commerce platform.
Ken Chester, CEO @ JobGrouper LLC
Business development manager
We care the project was as useful and efficient as possible. In this way, our business development manager will assist you during the project development cycle. His goal is to understand your project and make it better, and more efficient.
Merehead is very pleasant to work with, I appreciate Eugene being always available and communicate really well throughout the whole process. If there was something we'd missed he'd just help out and put an end to it.
Hong Tran, CEO @ Itsdot3
Perfect solution for your business
Backbone Development Services. Our team uses all methods and capabilities to achieve the best result.
Project management by Scrum methodology allows us to meet deadlines and gives quality results.
Our team is not standing still. We regularly improve skills. You can not get high results without a good team.
All our experience and best practices are used to implement projects with a consistently high level of projects.
A good communication and a clear understanding requirements make it possible to get the perfect result.
Web development expertise
Our company develops software in various industries and helps companies build an effective business.
Travel & Tourism
Media & Entertainment
Education & E-learning
We provide HIPAA-compliant software solutions & build apps
Retail & Ecommerce
We deliver eCommerce apps like shopping portals, real-time chatbots
Banking & Finance
Gain efficiency through high-quality enterprise-grade software apps
recent project
PetroCubic gives the possibility to hire experts for project work. It's a well-known bidding project for petroleum and drilling industry. Relying on developed features PetroCubic becomes popular in this field.
Payment gateway
The Merehead team has implemented many methods to make the site effective and user-friendly. The project began from a small MVP which in the future grew to the large project.

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Backbone Development Services
Backbone is a web application development tool with support for a RESTful JSON interface. As the developers of this library themselves say, Backbone is a tool for detecting a minimum set of data structuring primitives and a user interface for creating web applications. In other words, another tool to automate the development process.

Our experts will help you with such aspects of the Backbone project as business analysis, user design, code development, project management and application quality assurance. Merehead team is ready to meet all the needs of your business related to web development.

Why Backbone?

Smart devices, such as phones, tablets or watches have changed the trend of content presentation in the direction of the API. Vendors need more flexible development tools. One such solution was the Backbone library, which contains all the necessary tools supported by the API.

Backbone allows you to fully utilize all the features of the Javascript library. It comes with a number of useful functions for data processing. Based on Merehead’s experience with Backbone for various projects, we came to the conclusion that this library helps to avoid code confusion.

Backbone makes it easy to reorganize Javascript coding into views and models. This simplifies the development process itself, and also speeds up the implementation of applications. Backbone models can be easily linked to the server side. It provides excellent API support and high application flexibility.

Backbone has proven to be one of the best web application development tools for one-page sites. The problem is that other Javascript libraries can create an entire application without a formalized structure. Therefore, they are used as add-ons to frameworks.

Backbone is not able to create an application by itself, but a unique feature is that it can be the basis of development. That is why some programmers call it a framework like Node.js, although Backbone is not.

Subtleties of working with Backbone

Writing quality code is not easy, regardless of the programming tool. Backbone does not tie the hands of the developer. But often this is a negative factor, because it may not choose the best way to write code, driving itself into a dead end.

Over the years, our team finds many subtleties of working with different web development tools. Often they deviate from the instructions but lead to a more tangible result. We want to share with you with some of them.

Event Bus Abuse. This library helps to connect the elements of the application with a single message bus, making them independent of each other. Often this simplifies the code and speeds up development.

But sometimes the use of additional tools more clogs the process of work, rather than simplifies it. For example, two views can provide so much data that instead of using the Event Bus, it is easier to solve a problem at the project level by specifying the responsible areas for each view.

It is also worth understanding that each created event is subject to management. If you create too many events, with the thought of facilitating the writing of code, it will be much more difficult to control each process later.

Reinventing the wheel. Repeatedly, we received application optimization tasks. Very often it happened that the previous developer tried to realize his vision in solving some problem, instead of using ready-made tools.

We are not experimenting with custom-made applications, as experiments require time testing. Backbone is a small library with a large community. That's why the network has enough solutions for all sorts of problems.

Why do you need a development team

When we get applications for optimization, the first thing that interests us after the requirements is the previous developer. After all, it is possible to understand the approaches that were used in the development, and therefore the update will be much faster. It often turns out that the previous developer was a freelancer and contact with him was lost.

However, professionals are needed not only for this reason. Freelancers rely only on themselves, they do not have a mentor. As a result, errors may be made that the inexperienced developer does not realize.

Ignoring the functionality

Backbone is a library, but with all its capabilities it can play the role of a framework (with Underscore.js). This tool provides the necessary minimum to create a structure that will provide greater benefits. The obvious advantage of Backbone is its extensibility and many plugins. With their full use, you can create amazing and reliable applications.

Underestimation of the cost of rendering

Backbone makes it easy and frequent to visualize the DOM. Abuse of this feature causes the developer to lose sight of the effect of rendering on the overall performance of the web application.

At first, the decline seems insignificant, since current web browsers in some way become pieces of software, improving performance. But as the web application evolves and data grows, the decrease in productivity becomes more noticeable.

An experienced developer understands the impact of constant event rendering. Instead of rendering each model added, it includes rendering for a package of models. This does not worsen the quality of visualization, but it helps to better evaluate the performance and make the necessary changes.

Creating monolithic species

Backbone provides incredible flexibility in creating minimalistic presentations. Obviously, this is a more laborious process, since you need to write more lines of code. Therefore, some developers create monolithic representations in which they try to work through everything that an application should do.

Such code can be effective, but detailed views are much easier to maintain and extend. Monolithic representations will require an almost complete transcription when updating, which means that the application cannot function during the scaling period.

We do not say that freelancers do their job badly. But our experience has shown that applications created by professionals have fewer errors. The Merehead team has extensive experience working with Backbone and is familiar with all the solutions that the community has provided. Therefore, we can guarantee highly scalable and high-performance applications.
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