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The blockchain technology is still at a very early stage of development but nevertheless has strong roots and a bright future. Who uses blockchain and why? How can your company use it for growth or development? And why, after the blockchain integration the stock course growing and hence the capitalization itself. We will conduct research and will do an audit for you.


Blockchain and ICO consultations begin with a deep understanding of the audience and the industry. But who can tell about the blockchain better than the developers themselves? Correctly, having experience in the implementation and blockchain development in various industries, we want to help other companies to better understand this technology. Blockchain possibilities are practically unlimited, and to that is an example of the development of the largest cryptocurrency capitalization Bitcoin.


The entire blockchain industry is still new for many, and it is very difficult to find real examples. For this reason, it is almost impossible to give any advice, suggestion or recommendations without knowing the specifics. Analysis of the idea, its viability is the first point.
Carry out research in this niche, analyze existing blockchain platforms. Analysis and assistance in launching ICO for different countries and mentalities. Identification of the features of investor psychology, and ways of best presentation.
The report preparation including the most optimal ways of blockchain implementation and its use. Consultation on the ICO process, including legal, technical and marketing aspects.

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Real experience of blockchain development projects.
Development for testnet and mainnet.
Forkings of other cryptocurrencies. We know in which cases it is better to fork coins than to create your own.
We clearly understand the difference between a token and a cryptocurrency.
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