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You want to develop a dating website. Such sites have own characteristics. They are very popular and you can easily get 300,000 - 500,000 users per month. As the statistics show, each user views more than 17 pages per visit. This fact implies a high load on the server. We have experience in developing similar projects and we recommend using flexible and reliable technologies that will provide a high level of security and easy scalability.


A dating website should have a comfortable and attractive design. In such sites, we often use bright colors and colorful images. They encourage users to signup and take part in finding a partner.


The development of a dating site begins with the planning of future functions. All projects have a standard list of features: user profile, settings and search page, message system. But we recommend adding additional game elements that will increase the interest in the project. For example, the opportunity to send a virtual gift or to get statistics about visits to a personal account. Thus, at the first stage it is important to draw up a technical task with a detailed description of all the features.
At the second stage, we develop a professional design. Bright, stylish, modern - these are words that should be associated with your project. Mostly, such sites are visited by people 25-40 years old and the design should match their style.
The development of the front-end part begins when all the mockups are drawn. At this stage, HTML pages are developed with responsive design.
At the back-end stage, our developers implement functions and connect the database. The development uses optimized queries and modern technologies that provide high speed.
Before starting, it is very important to test the project for errors. At this stage, the visual and functional part is tested. Testing takes about 1-2 weeks.

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