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ICO (Cryptocurrency) Due Diligence, ICO Audit

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ICO Due Diligence is an inherent step in the way of each company launching its own cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency investors are increasingly sophisticated in choosing the "right" project and "right" investment. After all, not everything depends on the idea and beautiful package. They want to feel confident that this project is the right one. That this is not some regular scam and collected money is going for new founder's Lamborghini, well, or a yacht. How to properly present the project, and why does the investor avoid the prospective projects? ICO Audit will help identify your weaknesses that need to be corrected, improved or positioned under another sauce. The investor's view is the most correct because they are your target audience. If they decide that they do not go in, then failure is inevitable. Merehead team does not only consulting but also a real investment in projects. ICO is a new industry and needs quality development and ideas. We will show you how your project looks in the investor's eyes and how to make it yummy.


ICO Audit includes full-scale work on the project such as white paper analysis, team and advisors analysis, communication efficiency with investors and social activity. The viability of the idea, analysis of competitors, soft and hard cap for raising funds, technical description and presentation with pitch.


The most effective ICO audit will be those companies that already have a ready plan, idea and white paper. First, an unbiased review of our team gets the white paper. This is the main document of your ICO, and it must be prepared first-class. No to mediocre results, only high-level.
The next item is the audit team. Past merit, experience in the industry and niche, specializations and characteristics of C-level members.
Market audit to identify the idea viability. Is the target audience and method of project implementation chosen correctly? Will it grows up and under what circumstances?
Based on the findings, Merehead provides an account of what points can be critically perceived and play with you in a cruel joke. List of tips and tricks how to fix it.

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Real investing cases in ICO projects. Understanding and analyzing the mentality of people from different countries and continents.
6-year experience in digital marketing. Ability to present the product in the right and understandable form for investors.
The blockchain-related project development, cryptocurrency development and smart contracts.
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