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The low qualifications of the team is one of the reasons for the failure of the project. Only a team with experience and strong project management can meet deadlines and keep quality. Merehead has released more than 95 successful projects over the past 4 years.
If you want to have a peace of mind that the project will be completed with all the features you wanted I would recommend using this team.
Vitaly Meyer, Co-Founder @ PetroCubic
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Strong communication and regular reports. It is very important for us to have a dialogue with a customer, to understand the goals and preferences. Only in this way can we build a successful project and exceed customer expectations.
Excellent work!! They built the platform to our satisfaction and were very creative in taking what was simply a series of wireframes and transforming it into a living and breathing e-commerce platform.
Ken Chester, CEO @ JobGrouper LLC
Business development manager
We care the project was as useful and efficient as possible. In this way, our business development manager will assist you during the project development cycle. His goal is to understand your project and make it better, and more efficient.
Merehead is very pleasant to work with, I appreciate Eugene being always available and communicate really well throughout the whole process. If there was something we'd missed he'd just help out and put an end to it.
Hong Tran, CEO @ Itsdot3
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Java Development Services. Our team uses all methods and capabilities to achieve the best result.
Project management by Scrum methodology allows us to meet deadlines and gives quality results.
Our team is not standing still. We regularly improve skills. You can not get high results without a good team.
All our experience and best practices are used to implement projects with a consistently high level of projects.
A good communication and a clear understanding requirements make it possible to get the perfect result.
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Our company develops software in various industries and helps companies build an effective business.
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We provide HIPAA-compliant software solutions & build apps
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We deliver eCommerce apps like shopping portals, real-time chatbots
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Gain efficiency through high-quality enterprise-grade software apps
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PetroCubic gives the possibility to hire experts for project work. It's a well-known bidding project for petroleum and drilling industry. Relying on developed features PetroCubic becomes popular in this field.
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The Merehead team has implemented many methods to make the site effective and user-friendly. The project began from a small MVP which in the future grew to the large project.

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Java Development Services
Mobile and web applications have become an excellent solution to many daily tasks, both simple and difficult. To reach users across multiple platforms and operating systems, Java is one of those solutions that has made many developers dependent. This programming language is great for both desktop and mobile devices. Herewith, it makes highly efficient applications.

The Merehead team has extensive experience in developing and managing Java platforms, including Java Cards, J2ME, J2EE. There are many Java applications behind us that cover all aspects of this technology. Therefore, we guarantee a high-quality product that will attract a lot of investment.

Why Java

Java is a programming language released in 1995. In 2019, it invariably occupies the top lines of the ratings and is one of the most favorite among developers. It has everything for comfortable application creation: from the compiler to a variety of libraries. Many development tools have similar features. Why does the choice of Java prevail over the rest?

Structured code and automation of some actions are the main assistants to the developer when working with this language. In some cases, the Java system knows and automatically predicts when a programmer will enter parameters or determines the value of a component. This is one of the main advantages compared to Node.js or Symfony framework.

In addition, it is imparted with the concept of inheritance, in which components made once can be reused with a minimum of changes. Improved memory management system analyzes the flow of unused files, instantly removing temporary and unnecessary values.

The advantage for our time is the support of a distributed architecture when data is distributed on servers located in different geographic locations. The Java community has hundreds of thousands of developers, so you can always find a solution to different problems.

The main thing it allows you to develop applications for different platforms and devices equally well. This is a very important indicator for business because potential customers today can visit the site not only through their home PC.

Java security

When developing web applications, it is important to achieve high reliability. Most web development tools today have high levels of security. Java in this regard has several special approaches.

First of all, applications perform important functions only inside the JVM. Thus, even if a third-party Java program gets access to the files, they will remain completely safe and impossible to change or delete.

For Java to work correctly, each program is checked to see if it is part of a trusted resource. Even if an application with a questionable source gets access to files, the developer can forcibly stop the JVM, which prevents access to information directly.

A program written in Java is compiled into byte code. This code is much harder to change or attack. In the process of checking the code, this language prevents the launch of erroneous files, and also saves the application before the forced stop. This eliminates the appearance of vulnerabilities due to failure of the scan.

How do we improve performance with Java

Programming languages are full of a wide variety of solutions to the same problem. Obviously, each of them has different effectiveness. It is noteworthy that even with ideal documentation, the recommended methods may not contain the best solutions. That’s why the Merehead team found several features when working with Java.

A correct definition of requirements. First of all, we evaluate the requirements for each element. For example, the application should be fast. How to define this concept correctly? For example, the opening of the main page of the site is quick if it happens in a second. At the same time, the response of the chat bot for 10 seconds cannot be called slow.

Under the correct definition of requirements, we understand the ratio of the necessary resources for a particular action and its complexity. Thus, actions are performed as efficiently as possible for the time required for each of them.

Response time measurement. When you create an application you cannot neglect this element. And it’s too late to check the response time of browser extensions after launching the application. Since in the case of a delay, you will have to redo everything.

Java provides a wide range of tools for analyzing response time. Tools such as jvisualm, jstat, JProfiler or APM help in analyzing performance. Therefore, you can evaluate the quality of the code at almost any development stage at any time.

Prioritization. Code optimization requires a clear sequence. For example, developer X performs the optimization, but at the same time, developer Z is already deploying code to check the performance of the application. Thus, the changes made will be overlooked.

Therefore, we create a clear sequence, not allowing the simultaneous start of two processes, if the result of one of them depends on the other. First of all, performance is assessed. Then we identify all possible ways of optimization, after which we set priorities for them, balancing with the risks that potential changes may lead to.

Optimization only when necessary. Someone is trying to catch you with words about frequent optimization. Merehead employees resort to this only if the application does not satisfy all the needs of the business. It is important to understand that each optimization is a new change that can also worsen performance. Accordingly, the improvement process may be delayed, which is bad for business.

Business Benefits

Java is one of the best choices for the largest enterprises due to the presence of templates like J2EE. They help implement simple software development processes and reduce programming costs by allowing you to create reusable modules.

One of the features of such technologies is multi-tier applications. They divide the main functions into isolated areas: client level, medium level and data level. This makes a clear separation of actions.

The client tier contains a client program that accepts requests and sends to the middle tier. It is processed, after which the client receives a response. The processed request is stored in the data storage. Thus, the system constantly updates the database of frequent requests, which allows them to speed up their work and give faster answers.

Banking is one of the best examples of those who prefer Java. Two indicators are important for any bank: speed and safety. Thanks to the automation of multi-level work processes, almost instant execution of actions is achieved. Due to JVM dependency, outsiders and programs cannot access application data.

Merehead makes a great emphasis on Java development, as it is an opportunity to create high-performance applications for any platform. Therefore, we can satisfy any requirements of your business.
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