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The low qualifications of the team is one of the reasons for the failure of the project. Only a team with experience and strong project management can meet deadlines and keep quality. Merehead has released more than 95 successful projects over the past 4 years.
If you want to have a peace of mind that the project will be completed with all the features you wanted I would recommend using this team.
Vitaly Meyer, Co-Founder @ PetroCubic
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Strong communication and regular reports. It is very important for us to have a dialogue with a customer, to understand the goals and preferences. Only in this way can we build a successful project and exceed customer expectations.
Excellent work!! They built the platform to our satisfaction and were very creative in taking what was simply a series of wireframes and transforming it into a living and breathing e-commerce platform.
Ken Chester, CEO @ JobGrouper LLC
Business development manager
We care the project was as useful and efficient as possible. In this way, our business development manager will assist you during the project development cycle. His goal is to understand your project and make it better, and more efficient.
Merehead is very pleasant to work with, I appreciate Eugene being always available and communicate really well throughout the whole process. If there was something we'd missed he'd just help out and put an end to it.
Hong Tran, CEO @ Itsdot3
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Javascript Development Services. Our team uses all methods and capabilities to achieve the best result.
Project management by Scrum methodology allows us to meet deadlines and gives quality results.
Our team is not standing still. We regularly improve skills. You can not get high results without a good team.
All our experience and best practices are used to implement projects with a consistently high level of projects.
A good communication and a clear understanding requirements make it possible to get the perfect result.
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Our company develops software in various industries and helps companies build an effective business.
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We provide HIPAA-compliant software solutions & build apps
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Gain efficiency through high-quality enterprise-grade software apps
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PetroCubic gives the possibility to hire experts for project work. It's a well-known bidding project for petroleum and drilling industry. Relying on developed features PetroCubic becomes popular in this field.
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The Merehead team has implemented many methods to make the site effective and user-friendly. The project began from a small MVP which in the future grew to the large project.

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Javascript Development Services
Javascript is the most popular programming language both among developers and in business. From a small language created in 10 days and covering only a small part of programming, it has grown into the most popular tool. The multifunctionality of the language allows you to develop both an external environment (using Vue, React, etc.) and the server-side of applications (using Node.js).

At Merehead, we have a team of developers who specialize in building web applications using Javascript. Our employees are constantly improving their knowledge in such tools like Backbone, React, Ember, Angular, Vue and others in order to achieve the best results in their work.

The Merehead team directs its experience to create attractive responsive websites, an interactive interface and motion design. In addition, we are constantly looking for new solutions to problems to achieve application uniqueness.

A bit about Javascript

Javascript is one of the most functional programming languages. It also has a great history of formation, which is full of many interesting facts.

WorldWideWeb. Along with HTML and CSS, Javascript can be called one of the three components of the WWW. These three development tools are most used to create modern sites, and therefore are a kind of basis for web pages. This allows you to create interactive applications. All major browsers have a Javascript engine for executing code.

Single-threaded language. For this reason, many people think that JS is slow in comparison with other languages because it cannot use all CPU cores at full capacity. Despite this, it supports a large number of libraries, and is also one of the simplest tools for creating elegant web applications.

Javascript is misinterpreted.This is true: the reason is in the title, which is divided into two parts Java and Script. Many people think that it has something to do with Java, and also do not consider it a full-fledged language.

Useful JS Features
Many technologies can be compared with Javascript, otherwise they would not even be considered as an alternative. But the popularity of this programming language is due to unique features that primarily improve the quality of business.

Page Visibility API
Since web browsers allow you to open many tabs in one window, it is difficult for a developer to determine if his application is being used at a particular moment. The page visibility API provides events that display whether the page is visible to the user or not.

If the tab collapses or switches, this API dispatches a visibility change event. Thus, the developer can change the behavior of the application at runtime. This has a positive effect on user productivity and experience, reducing the amount of work the system and device used to visit the site.

Offline Events
Not all web development tools can handle connection loss cases. Sometimes this leads to inaction or failure to complete the last task. JS allows you to view both online and offline events, which helps to maintain the current working state in the browser storage. Thus, when reconnecting, all incomplete tasks will be re-synchronized and the user will be able to continue from where he left off.

This is especially useful when filling out various forms. For example, the user entered all the data, and when trying to send it lost the connection. Often, when restoring, you have to fill in all the fields again. JS allows you to save the entered information, which is happy user experience.

Vibration API
When we talk about responsive web UI and UX design, only the resizable web elements that can fit on a smartphone’s screen come to mind. But the responsive design functionality is much wider.

For example, JS provides the ability to activate the vibration of a device in cases such as entering incorrect authorization data, payment errors, incoming messages, a new comment, and more. Again, it’s a rewarding user experience that has a big impact on business today.

How Market Leaders Use Javascript

Javascript is everywhere - this cannot be denied. Each developer studies it, it is used to write the lion's share of websites. Programmers without a second doubt will name the main advantages of this language. But how and why is Javascript used by large companies?

In the near future you will not find the possibility of using JS to work with Windows, since this language cannot read files or write them to the file system on a computer. But Microsoft relies on Javascript for everything else.

Today, the main connection between the Javascript and Microsoft teams is to develop the new Edge web browser. Since JS is part of the WWW, a good browser is required to efficiently process and execute its code. Therefore, Microsoft has implemented its own Javascript engine for Edge.

Microsoft also used the Node.js runtime to create IoT applications.

The electronic payment giant was one of the first users of the Node.js runtime. When developing and building all applications, Paypal uses only Javascript and its tools. The company went so far as to create its own Kraken.js framework. Obviously, Paypal loves Javascript.

For a long time this service was very slow because it used Ruby on Rails. For information, this system brought some luck for Twitter.

Slow speed is already adversely affecting the business. Given the current requirements for web applications, it was impossible to increase productivity without changing development tools. Because Groupon also switched to Node.js. It allowed the company to rebuild its site, breaking it into separate applications.

Today it consists of more than 20 applications and functions much faster. It is noteworthy that after switching to Javascript, the company's profit has increased. It’s hard to deny that they are happy with such changes.

Speaking about the use of JS, you can not ignore the largest social network. This language is the core of Facebook. To check, try disabling Javascript in your browser and go to this site. In fact, you won’t even be able to log in, since Facebook does not work without the Javascript engine.

You may have noticed how the pages of a social network load, especially if you have used the low-speed Internet. Each fragment of the page is separate. This is because Facebook invented its own way of splitting and loading individual Javascript sections.

In the end, the FB team created the React library, which today is considered one of the best for front-end development.

Another giant that actively usesJavascript. Potential search query options that appear as you type in the search bar appear precisely thanks to JS. Gmail, Google Docs, Google Tables and similar services also run on Javascript. One of the leaders among frameworks - Angular.js - Google development.

Another important thing is the creation of Google Chrome. For high quality, this browser required a Javascript engine. To reach the maximum, the Google team released its own engine V8. But it not only supports Chrome, but also underlies Node.js. So without Google there wouldn’t be such a useful runtime.

Most people, as a rule, do not consider this brand as a technology company. But, since it is one of the largest corporations in the world in the field of trade, their influence in online sales is very high. Obviously, for this they need powerful web applications that will facilitate business management and attract customers.

Initially, they worked with Java, which is a reliable enterprise-level platform. But today the company needed something faster, especially for the mobile version of the site and mobile applications.

Therefore, the transition to Javascript was made (again Node.js). According to company employees, this was an ideal choice for applications, as it provides uninterrupted simultaneous access of several users to the system management interface.

Javascript everywhere

Almost all websites use Javascript to a greater or lesser extent. Major browsers work with the JS engine. It is incredibly difficult to find a company that has never used this programming language.

We have no doubt that when starting a business, you will also need specialists in working with JS. Our team is ready to provide our services for developing web applications and creating an attractive interface.
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