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You want to develop a comparison website. Basically, these sites have a large database and flexible search. It enables users to compare prices, characteristics, tariffs, stores, etc. There are many cases of using projects for comparison, but they all have the following functions: convenient search, flexible filters, large database, payment system and dashboard. In such websites, it is very important to develop the right architecture. Big data can significantly slow down the speed. Thus, we recommend using flexible and powerful technologies that will allow you to easily scale the project. For example, our project Mircen analyzes about 10 million items every hour. It takes a few minutes. The correct architecture and optimized code allowed to achieve such a high speed. This is a complex type of project requiring attention to detail.


The design of such projects should be clean and easy, as the price comparison site has a lot of information. Easy navigation, convenient search. It is here that you need to implement the best practices of UI / UX design. Quality design will enhance the image and will inspire the trust of users.


The process of developing a price comparison website starts with the detailed design of technical requirements. Since Merehead company has a lot of experience in developing similar projects, we recommend that you pay special attention to the writing of detailed documentation for all functions. This will prevent misunderstanding and collision in the future.
Our designer in the second stage will prepare a design of all pages. It is important to draw elements and buttons based on the technical requirements. The design should be light and functional.
The encoding process starts from the transformation of mockups to HTML pages. The front-end part of the price comparison site is developed using javascript.
Back-end is the largest part of the coding. Our company implements all functions of the project, integrates the database, implements APIs and develops a dashboard. This process can take from 40% to 70% of the time.
Upon completion of the coding, the testing phase begins. Our QA-engineers will carefully check the visual and functional parts of the project. This stage allows to find all the errors and usually last from 1 to 3 weeks.

Our benefits

We have successfully launched a price comparison site that has several million items and a strong dashboard. We have a clear algorithm and experience in developing similar projects.
We pay attention to detail and develop a clean and light design. It emphasizes the uniqueness and makes it easy to interact with the project.
We are engaged internal SEO optimization. Such projects receive a lot of traffic from search engines. But this must be taken care of before launching
We give a guarantee and do everything possible to exceed the expectation of each customer.
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