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Login system

Functions for logging in, sign up and restoring the password. Mostly work based on email notifications.
User Accounts
Functions for managing user's profile. They allow users to set up their own account.
Locations & Dates
Options for booking, selecting dates and time, geolocation etc. Allow users to interact more closely with the project.
User Engagement
Additional opportunities for users which will increase participation in your project.
Functions for payment module. Mostly used for e-commerce projects, SaaS platforms, marketplaces etc.
APIs integration
Implementation of external APIs. For example, the use of the CRM systems of Salesforce, Hubspot etc.
Development of mockups for each page. Basically depends on the number of pages of the project.
Admin & other features
Opportunities for the main administrator. Allows managing the project and users.
*The estimated cost is not the final cost. It only shows the approximate cost of the project with similar functions. Contact us to find out how much the website will cost.
Total Estimate
Estimated cost*